As independent delivery service providers using the FaciityAXS platform as the core of their operations, axs2Deliver Affiliates are equipped with the tools necessary to manage and control their businesses online and offline. 

All of the FacilityAXS tools are available to axs2Deliver Affiliates under two Affiliate Plans; 

  • Affiliate 1 ... Ideal for those interested in commanding a small to medium-sized operation, with the ability to sign up to 500 business-accounts that they list as clients. 
  • Affiliate 2 ... Ideal for those interested in commanding a large operation with an unlimited number of business accounts that they list as clients. 

Regardless of the plan selected, each affiliate is set up with its own privately branded sub-directory operating on the FacilityAXS platform.  This enables them to set up business accounts for each company with which they have a delivery arrangement, 

axs2Deliver  Delivery Services

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axs2Deliver Affiliates pay only a Flat Monthly Fee based on the plan selected, and they will earn a 75% monthly residual of each client's Marketing plan fee.

axs2Deliver Affiliates​​​​​​​ 

Help Local Businesses Stay in Business!​​​​​​​

axs2Deliver Affiliates are Enterprise Members of FacilityAXS using the FacilityAXS directory platform, which is scalable to enable axs2Deliver Affiliates to operate their own online business sub-directories. 

Using the sub-directory, Affiliates are able to provide their delivery services to their listed clients and others within their respective local communities. 

Sub-directory Structure and Administration:

  • Functionally speaking, inside of FacilityAXS, Affiliates are designated as Multi-Member Manager  (MMM), which makes them Master Account Administrators (MAA) of their respective sub-directories.
  • As an MAA, the Affiliates are able to set up as many "sub-accounts" - in the names of their listed businesses under their sub-directories as desired.
  • When an Affiliates sets up sub-accounts for listed businesses, each sub-account will enjoy the same capabilities as the Affiliate, excluding the ability to create sub-directories themselves.

Affiliate Structure

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Although we are here to assist, it is the responsibility of each axs2Deliver Affiliate to promote their delivery services to local businesses and list them in their sub-directories.

There are two ways for axs2Deliver Affiliates to list new business-clients in their sub-directories.  They can:

  1. Either create an account for them under their sub-directory, or
  2. Encourage them to join FacilityAXS themselves at "Get Listed Today".
    • This approach requires them to use a special code that is provided by the axs2Deliver Affiliate.

During either process, all billing information and the special code connect them under the Affiliate for bookkeeping purposes.

Business Sign up Process

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Earning Potential  

axs2Deliver Affiliates' earning results from their FacilityAXS Sub-directory, as follows:

FacilityAXS offers two Marketing Plans for axs2Deliver clients to choose from, the Professional and Custom Plan.  The primary source of revenue for axs2Deliver Affiliates is a monthly residual of 75% of the Marketing Plan selected by the Delivery Clients that they signed up under their respective sub-directories, per the following Affiliate 2 examples.

  • Professional Plan ... With the potential of 500 clients signed up at $49.99 per month, they will earn $18,746 per month,
  • Custom Plan ... With the potential of a minimum of 500 clients signed up at $99.00 per month, they earn $37,496 per month. 
    •  NOTE: Under the Affiliate 1 program, Affiliates can earn a minimum of what Affiliate 2 earns, with the potential for a great deal more in earnings based on an unlimited number of listed client businesses.  

Delivery Personnel ... As delivery clients notified the Affiliate of orders in need of delivery, the Affiliate transmits a blanket SMS (Short Message Service) notification to its drivers, giving them an opportunity to accept the delivery.  Once a driver accepts, the SMS notice is dropped from the queue and the driver follows through with the delivery.

  • Typically, a driver can earn between 9% and 15% of the value of the delivery, which is paid directly to the Affiliates by the Affiliates'clients.  100% of these dollars are paid to the delivery person - the Affiliates receive none of these funds.

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axs2Deliver Delivery Services​​​​​​​

The Structure!​​​​​​​

axs2Deliver Delivery Process

axs2Deliver Affiliates represent the primary point of contact for all customer delivery activities that take place with a particular area.

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Using the axs2Deals app, consumers search our database for coupons created and posted by Member-businesses

Consumers place their orders directly with the businesses

In fulfilling the order, the business notifies the axs2Deliver Affiliate directly via the Affiliate's messageboard that an order has been placed and needs delivery.

The Affiliate then sends a blanket Short Message Service (SMS) notification to all of the Delivery persons that are listed with them.

  • As independent businesses, Affiliates hire their own delivery personnel.

The first Delivery person that responds to the Affiliates SMS notification automatically commits to make the delivery, for which they are compensated. 

  • Again, 100% of delivery fees are paid to the Delivery persons.
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SMS Notificatioons

Organized to Empower!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Affiliates Earn 75% of all associated axs2Deliver revenues.